Why feed core?

Natural, Grain Free nutrition

Natural pet foods offer better quality nutrition with no artificial ingredients or additives which can be unhealthy for your dog. Using only fresh, real and wholefood ingredients, they deliver essential nutrition in a minimally processed form. Grains are included amongst the common allergies for dogs which can contribute to skin & coat issues or digestive upsets and some grains are also highly processed with low nutritional value.

Grain free, the right way: less carbs and more meat

With Wellness CORE, every recipe in our range is grain free and naturally hypo-allergenic to not only help sensitive pets but to also ensure every pet looks and feels his very best. The Wellness CORE difference is that in addition to excluding grains, we also reduce the total amount of carbohydrates in our recipes and increase the levels of protein and fat to ensure that your pet will get more of the good stuff and no fillers.

More meat matters!

  • With fresh meat or fish as the #1 ingredient, Wellness CORE has an irresistible taste!
  • Without grains or cheap fillers our meaty recipes are highly digestible, optimizing the absorption of essential nutrients and leaving less & well-formed stool.
  • Animal protein and omega fatty acids support a clean skin and shiny coat.
  • More meat supports a lean body mass and healthy energy that will make your pet thrive!