The CORE Breeder Family 

Dogs bring us joy and unconditional love. That is why they deserve a diet of the highest quality. At CORE, we do whatever it takes to create the healthiest foods for the dogs that depend on us. Food feeds their souls, sustains their lives and protects their bodies. That is why our diverse team of animal lovers, nutritionists and vets has only one mission: To help you provide your dog a healthy, happy, long life through the power of natural nutrition.

By choosing our CORE family you make a deliberate chose of being part of a loving community of breeders who care unconditional for their dogs and whose aim is to bring out the best in them, by feeding them accordingly with a grain free natural nutrition. We at CORE love dogs – so do you, and the feeling of feeding dogs with a high level of protein added with the right amount of naturals appeals to us. We believe this is how dogs intended to eat. We hope you believe the same. Let’s make a different - together.

Have a look and learn more about our dry and wet products available for you as a breeder. You will also discover that our CORE Breeder Family program is developed to provide our breeders the best possible experience and we happily welcome you to join our family to benefit from our exclusive savings and loyalty programs.

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At CORE, we would like to think at ourselves as passionate dog lovers.

We truly believe that every dog deserves a lifetime of wellbeing

We believe in food you can trust.

Our overall aim is to ensure that your dog will live a healthy, happy and long life through the power of natural nutrition.

We are determined to prove our love and care for dogs through our nutrition.

We do not compromise.

We believe that more meat matters and have no room for unnecessary fillers.

We guarantee to do our very best in order to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Our most important belief is that dogs should be a part of your home and live as a part of your family.

At CORE, we are a family.

A family that we would like you, as a caring and responsible breeder, to be a part of.

We believe that we should benefit from each other, which is why we, at CORE, are willing to listen and learn from the experts – from our breeders.

Your opinion matters to us.

If you share the same intentions and beliefs as we do, and if you value a beneficial natural nutrition, we would be honored to welcome you to our CORE Breeder Family.


Join us today and discover our CORE Breeder Family benefits only available for you as a breeder:

Free puppy packs containing everything a new puppy owner need for the first days

Receive exclusive savings with larger bags only available for breeders

Collect points and obtain free products with our CORE family online purchase loyalty program

Make sure your puppy owners get all information needed about nutrition during all life stages through our online puppy loyalty program

Free home delivery as of 2 or more bags ordered

Being a part of our family and benefit from our updates, news and latest offers